Düsseldorf - The Jewish cemetery was desecrated with Nazi symbols.

Chancellor Angela Merkel led a rally against anti-Semitism in Berlin on Sunday, telling several thousand people that Jewish life is part of Germany's identity and she wants to ensure that Jews feel ...

The Action and Protection Foundation’s aim is to monitor antisemitism and the conflicts that emerge in Hungarian-Jewish coexistence, as well as to deal with the problems and give legal protection to the ...

Ankara - A Turkish pundit writing for Yeni Akit, a major publication aligned with President Erdoğan, called for the country’s Jews to be taxed to pay for reconstructing buildings damaged in Gaza ...

Pesaro - a swastika was sprayed on a plaque commemorating the Jewish Brigade.   Seventy years ago the Jewish Brigade helped liberate Pesaro from the Nazis.


United States / 12-09-2014

Antisemitic Graffiti Sprayed in Oceanside

Hungary / 10-09-2014

Antisemitic sign

United States / 10-09-2014

Miami Beach Temple vandalized

Hungary / 10-09-2014

Antisemitic sticker

Germany / 09-09-2014

Antisemitic graffiti