В Москве предпринята попытка поджога еврейского центра

Moscow — In Moscow, unknown persons threw a bottle of incendiary mixture into the building of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia on Obraztsov Street.


This was reported by the Mash channel   in Telegram, also by publishing a video from a surveillance camera installed near the center. In the image you can see a man who ignites the mixture and throws a flared torch into the building.


The report indicates that the fire damaged the facade of the building.


As a result of this incident, there are no victims.


In an interview with  RIA Novosti, the  head of the FEOR Public Relations Department Boris Gorin said that the incident occurred last night. In the morning, two spots were found from the Molotov cocktail on the building, and next to it was a bottle.

Source: newsru

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