Cementerio judío profanado en Polonia

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Sochaczew – citizens who passed through the Jewish cemetery in the city of Sochaczew, 60 km southwest of Warsaw, were astonished to discover that the monument in memory of the Jews of the city killed in the Holocaust was desecrated by strangers with hateful inscriptions against Jews, besides swastikas and a star of David hanging on a gallows.

Among other things, strangers wrote «Daesh governs» and also «death to Poland» next to the anti-Semitic inscriptions.

This is the second time that the monument in memory of the Jews of Sochaczew has been desecrated in recent years, when in 2015 unknown people sprayed anti-Semitic hate inscriptions on the monument.

La policía de Sochaczew abrió una investigación con la intención de descubrir quienes son los responsables de la profanación del cementerio judío.