The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Terms of use

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The State of Israel, the Prime Minister’s Office, The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (hereinafter: the Forum) provide the information contained in this online service on the internet (hereinafter: the Service), subject to the following terms.

“User” hereinafter is any person who contacts the Service or gets in touch with it.


In accordance with the copyrights valid in Israel, and in accordance with international conventions, copyrights in the publications of the Forum, including those published in this Service; belong to the State of Israel. These rights govern, among other things, the text, pictures, illustrations, maps, audio clips, video clips, graphics and computer applications (hereinafter: the Protected Material), unless expressly stipulated that copyrights in the Protected Material belong to some other person.

The User may make “Fair Use” of the Protected Material, in accordance with rules set by law. Fair Use includes reasonable quotation out of the Protected Material.

The person who quotes must, as said, mention the source of the quotation, whether the Forum or another person. The User cannot distort, deteriorate, or change the Material in any other way, or do anything to degrade the Protected Material and which might damage the respect owed to the copyrights holder, or his reputation.

In accordance with the copyrights, the User cannot copy, redistribute, rebroadcast or republish Protected Material without the Forum’s prior written agreement.

Contacts with the Forum

The Forum can be contacted directly by e-mail, at the address


The Service is offered to the public “As Is”.

The State of Israel will not assume responsibility for adapting the Service to suit the User’s need. The State of Israel will also not be liable for any errors or mistakes found in the Material displayed in the Service.

The State of Israel will not be liable for any changes made in the Material displayed in the Service by the User, or made by any other third party.

The User bears sole liability for the manner he uses the Service.

The State of Israel will not be liable for any damage caused to the User, or to any other third party, as result of a direct or an indirect use of the Service, including damage caused by computer applications downloaded at the Service or activated by use of the Service, including internet applications (such as Java.cgi, JavaScript or Active-X)

For the purposes of this paragraph, “The State of Israel” includes the Forum, its employees and representatives.


The Service contains many links to other sites. The following regulations apply to the use of these links, and do not detract from the other regulations of the Terms of Use.

Links are intended solely for User’s convenience

Regarding links to external sites, i.e. links that do not belong to the State of Israel (third party links): unless otherwise indicated in this site, there are no legal or commercial relationships between the Forum and owners of third party sites, and the Forum has no control or rights over material contained in these sites.

The State holds no liability for the material contained in third part sites.

Links to third party sites cannot be taken to signify any authorization, approval, recommendation or preference by the State or by the Forum for these linked sites. The same holds true regarding the documents and any other material which they contain, those who run them, or the products displayed in them.

Before any link was included in this Service, it was ascertained that the information contained in it was suited to the purposes of the Service, and that the link itself was in order. However, it is possible that over time changes had occurred in the linked site. If the User believes that the linked site or its material are not suitable, or if he finds out that the link was out of order, he is kindly requested to notify the site’s webmaster. Similarly, if the User believes that another link is relevant to the subject(s) of this Service, he is again kindly requested to notify the site’s webmaster.


Personal information sent to the Forum via this Service will be treated as confidential, in accordance with the regulations of the Privacy Protection Act, 1981.

Official publications of the State of Israel

If a contradiction is found between the Material published in the Service and any material in the official publications of the State of Israel, only the material in the Official Publications will be taken to be correct.