The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

British MP apologises for antisemitic remark

A Liberal Democrat Member of Britain’s Parliament, who compared the Holocaust with the plight of Palestinians has apologized for causing offence after suggesting ‘the Jews’ had not learned the lessons of the Holocaust.


David Ward accused Israel of “inflicting atrocities on Palestinians… on a daily basis” but his statement has landed the MP in hot water with his party, who are to discuss whether to throw him out of the Liberal party.


CFCA – 2012 Antisemitism report – Present situation and tendencies

2012 was marked by the continuing rise in the level of physical danger to the Jewish communities, mainly in Europe, from radical Muslim groups, but also from extreme right activists. 2012 has, in fact, been one of the deadliest years, in the course of which six Jews were killed (In France, in Iran and in Yemen) and more than 170 violent incidents occurred.


Italian police nab right-wing extremists

Italian police arrested right-wing extremists in several cities on charges of inciting antisemitic and anti-foreign hatred and violence.


About 10 people, all between the ages of 21 and 33, were arrested on Jan. 24 in dawn raids in Naples, Salerno and Latina, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.


Brazilian neo-Nazi gets 3 years in jail

A Brazilian judge sentenced a man to 35 months in jail for giving Jewish students a Nazi salute and exposing his swastika tattoo.


Luciano Silva Barreto of Rio de Janeiro’s criminal court sentenced Luiz Vinicius Consenzo, 25, after convicting him of a racist crime, according to a Jan. 22 report by CONIB, the umbrella organization of Brazil’s Jewish communities.


Another antisemitic tagging

#MeQuemoComoJudio (I burn like a Jew) surfaced in twitter as a Trending Topic in Mexico, six days after #EsDeJudios.


This one is used more like a slang expression, as in “I make a fool of Myself” = “I burn like a Jew”.


It included antisemitic and holocaust denial remarks, as well as generic messages and calls against discrimination.

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