The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Poland – Torching of the Courtyard of a Synagogue in Wroclaw

On 11 May 2002, the courtyard of a synagogue was set on fire in the course of a Sabbath Eve meal in the synagogue. The incident was intercepted by the synagogue guard, and the fire brigade arrived within minutes. On 13th May, the Jewish community in Wroclaw organized a special ceremony denouncing the incident. The ceremony was held in the presence of senior members of the regime apparatus.

France – Threatening Letter Containing White Powder Sent to the Rabbi

Bordeaux – Threatening Letter Containing White Powder Sent to the Rabbi of the Jewish Community

On 8 March 2002, the rabbi of the Jewish community in Bordeaux received a threatening letter at his office. The envelope contained a white powder. The office was searched and the people in it were examined with no result.

Morocco – Stabbing of a Jewish Doctor in Casablanca

On 21st May 2002, a Jewish doctor was stabbed several times while in his office at the WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) clinic in Casablanca where he works as the clinic’s Director. The attacker, a local resident, burst into the doctor’s office and stabbed him. At first, the doctor was in critical condition, but after he had been rushed to hospital his condition improved and was defined as serious but not life-threatening.

Rumania – Theft and Graffiti at a Succeava Synagogue

On 18th May 2002, a synagogue in the District of Succeava in northern Rumanian was broken into, Torah scrolls were stolen and such pro-Nazi slogans as “Heil Hitler” and “Death and Gas Chambers to the Jews” were painted in large letters on the walls of the building. The synagogue is in the town of Falticeni, housed in a 139-year-old building considered as a heritage site worthy of preservation. The slogans were signed “The Antisemitic Battle Front”.

France – A Jewish Woman Passenger Taken Unwillingly to a Destination in a Taxi

On 2 March 2002, a 60-year old Jewish woman living in Paris was taken against her will by the woman driver of the taxi in which she was riding to an unwanted destination. The driver cursed her (dirty Jew!), in Arabic as well as in French. She went on to say “I’ll take you to my house and my sons will kill you”. At a traffic light far from her home, someone succeeded in rescuing the woman.

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