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“Jews, homosexuals and Roma should be gassed,” said an influential extreme right wing politician in Czech parliament

Prague – “Jews, gays and Roma should be gassed,” said
Jaroslav Staník, the secretary of the ultra-right wing Czech populist party
“Freedom and Direct Democracy” (SPD) and a close collaborator of the
party leader Tomio Okamura, in parliament. Because of such statements, Staník
got embroiled in a verbal conflict with the Czech Social Democratic Minister of
Labour and Social Affairs Michaela Marksová-Tominová and some other MPs. The
conflict took place in one of the restaurants in the Czech Parliament, which
are not accessible to the public.


An antisemitic letter sent to the mayor of Prague

Prague – An anonymous letter was sent to the municipal authority in Prague last week, which contains crude antisemitic rhetoric. The city’s mayor, Adriana Krnáčová, posted it in her Twitter account. “And such people live among us … sad and at the same time also crazy, it’s a shame that that person did not sign his name” Karnachova further commented on this issue.


An antisemitic shouts during a security conference

Prague – A conference “Are you safe, Czechia?” took
place in Prague Hotel Olšanka. During the conference an antisemitic shouts were
heard from the attendees of the conference: “It’s the Jews, we have a bad
experience with the Jews here. Why do they bring them over here? We want the
Czechs only over here.” The news was brought by, one of the most
popular online newspaper in the Czech Republic.


Antisemitic inscription

An antisemitic inscription was spotted
on a bench near to popular summer camp Machovo jezero in Central Bohemia. The
translation of the inscription: “Burn the Jews” (“Spálit Židy”) and

Tombstone of Famed Rabbi Damaged in Prostějov

Prostějov – A tombstone of a well-known rabbi at a former Jewish
cemetery in Prostějov (250km from Prague) has been damaged.


A Jewish foundation said Friday it discovered earlier this week that the
tombstone of Prostějov Rabbi Zvi Horowitz, who died in 1816, was broken into
two pieces.

Auschwitz-themed game aimed at raising Holocaust awareness, company says

Prague – An
entertainment company in the Czech Republic defended its Auschwitz-themed
game from critics who said it was disrespectful to Holocaust victims.


The Dostaň Se Ven agency in
Prague, whose name means “Escape
,” said its sale of tickets to a game whose
objective is to exit a room resembling a gas chamber disguised as a shower at
Auschwitz, was to “raise awareness to the Holocaust,” the firm said Monday on its Facebook page.


Antisemitic graffiti

– A swastika and the words “Adolf Hitler” was spray-painted on ATM in
Maiselova Street, which is the main street of Old Jewish Quarter in Prague.


ATM is situated at the entrance of restaurant near to Maisel Synagogue.

Attack in the subway: Kipa can be a problem in Prague

– Man wearing a kippa was verbally attacked and threatened by off duty employee
of The Prague Public Transfer Company in metro train.


PPT employee  shouted that Hitler was
right with Jews etc. Before he left the train at the station he said:
“Next time I meet you, Jew, I cut your head off.”


called PPT to report the incident. Operator told him it would be better not to
wear kippa in public places because it can bring up “Nazi emotions”.

Czech tour bus owner removing Auschwitz design from vehicle following uproar

The owner of a Czech tour bus that advertised the Auschwitz
extermination camp as an emotion-packed holiday destination will remove the
vehicle’s controversial design showing oversized pictures of inmates from the
Nazi extermination camp and a massive yellow Star of David.


The action comes following an outcry from Czech Holocaust survivors and
Jewish leaders.


Czech MP Stanislav Huml shares Holocaust denial video online

– Stanislav Huml, an MP for the Czech Social Democratic Party, has published a
video denying the Holocaust to his Facebook profile. The video, which Huml called
“brutal and [politically] incorrect” but “inspiring”, is a
sort of criticism of the “ethnomasochism” of Western civilization,
defined as a feeling of guilt for the historical injustices of colonialism,
slavery, etc., including what the video terms the “alleged”


Outrage over Czech bus advertising Auschwitz vacation tour

– Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors are outraged over a bus in the Czech
Republic advertising a satirical holiday tour of the Auschwitz death camp.


double-decker tour bus is emblazoned with the camp’s notorious sign “Arbeit
Macht Frei” along with a Star of David and images of Jewish holocaust victims.
Text along the side of the vehicle suggests visitors should “Come to Auschwitz
— A journey through emotions. Our guides speak Czech!”


Antisemitic sign

Prague – Antisemitic
sign found in the lift at Prague subway station in the center (Muzeum station).
Sign displays Star of David and text JUDE ACS.(AC Slavia – Prague football
team). JUDE SLAVIE is traditional hate hue used by hard core supporters of
another Prague football team AC Sparta.

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