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J. special report: Antisemitism at Bay Area schools shows dramatic spike

lameda High School freshman Natasha Waldorf was sitting at the
back of geometry class talking with a friend, killing time until the bell rang.
A text message popped up from someone she didn’t know — a cartoon image of a
Nazi officer and “Mr. Ethnic Cleansing” written in bright red letters. Assuming
it was sent to her by mistake, Waldorf ignored it.


Natasha Waldorf, seen here with parents Mel
Waldorf and Jessica Lindsey, received anti-Jewish text messages from a
classmate at Alameda High School in January.


Things got worse.


Review of antisemitism: Prejudice in contemporary Hungarian society

conducted by the Action and Protection Foundation provided
interesting results. In November of 2016, Median Public Opinion and Market
Research made a comprehensive survey asking 1200 people about their relation to
the Jewish people and the Holocaust. Alongside the opinions and images about Jewish
people, the frequency and intensity of antisemitic prejudices were also


Study: Over 10% of Eastern Europeans don’t want Jews as citizens

More than 10 percent of Central and Eastern Europeans do
not accept Jews as citizens of their countries, according to a new study. 


, released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, surveyed the
residents of 18 countries and found that 80 percent of respondents would accept
Jews as fellow citizens. The remainder was not sure or declined to answer.


List of most antisemitic user accounts to be found online

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-Semitism on the Internet is thriving, completely undeterred. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs published today (Sunday) worrisome information regarding Holocaust denial on social networks on the internet, including a list of the most virulently anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers, which was determined in turn by the number of their posts, the number of their followers, the frequency with which they posted and “virility” of the various accounts.


Antisemitic graffiti is top hate crime found in NY subways

Antisemitic graffiti was the top subway hate
crime investigated this year, according to the NYPD Transit Bureau.


In a report to the MTA board, Transit Bureau
Assistant Chief Vincent Coogan said 22 of 31 hate crimes that happened in the
subway targeted Jews, mainly through graffiti.


Last year, over the same period, only seven bias
crimes total in the subway were reported.


But this year, a rash of swastikas and comments
that advocate the killing of Jews have been spotted on train cars and in

Report on greater Cleveland, Ohio

The latest
report issued by a covert campus watchdog group revealed a string of highly
offensive social media statements made by students at six Cleveland schools
over the past few years.


The dossier, released on Thursday, highlighted dozens of
antisemitic, homophobic and racist comments, including, “I’m gonna finish
what Hitler started,” and “I’m bringing rocks to school…that Jew better run.”


NUS survey reveals extent of Jewish students’ alienation on campus

of Jewish students say the National Union of Students does not respond
appropriately to allegations of antisemitism, according to a new survey of
their experience of campus life.


per cent of the Jews who responded said they did not feel comfortable that
their student unions had adopted BDS policies.


Presidential 2017: The place of religion and laity in presidential election

A survey carried out by Ipsos
and published this month reveals that 83% of the French people view
Judaism as being compatible with the values of French society, with only 17%
believing it is not.

Catholicism comes top with 93% positive views.  Only 39%
of the French view Islam as compatible with French values – a massive 61% think
it is not.

Right- wing extremists and right-wing populists in the European Parliament

the wake of the success of charismatic right-wing populists such as Marine le
Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the netherlands, there is once again a
heightened awareness of how extreme right-wing parties in europe are gaining
popularity amongst voters. Their influence on governments and hence on the key
issues of european politics is growing. 


brochure will provide you with helpful insights and make some contribution to
creating a europe free of racism, misanthropy and nationalism.

Different Antisemitisms: perceptions and experiences of antisemitism among Jews in Sweden and across Europe

, written by JPR Associate Fellow Professor Lars Dencik and his
co-author, Karl Morosi, explores the character of antisemitism in contemporary
Europe. It presents some perspectives on the development of three distinct
types of antisemitism, which, the authors argue, are empirically different from
each other. Their findings indicate that each type is based on a particular
underlying philosophy, is held by sociologically distinct groups of people, and
is manifested in different ways. 

Campus Free Speech, Academic Freedom, and the Problem of the BDS Movement

Polarizing political beliefs are nothing new on campus, but the tactics
employed by supporters of the BDS movement create new cause for concern, from
the politicization of curriculua and academic associations to efforts to
silence Israeli speakers to overtly anti-Semitic behavior on campus. In a new
, ACTA renews its call for the protection of campus free speech and
free expression by warning trustees and higher education leaders about the

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