The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

An Arab insulted Jews in the train

Potsdam – Two Jews were insulted by an Arab on the train. The 23-year-old woman from Israel and her 42-year-old friend reported the incident on

“Shit Jew” calls in Frankfurt

Frankfurt – this afternoon, an antisemitic incident took place at the Hoch street in Frankfurt am Main, near the Hilton Hotel: A Jewish businessman wearing

Antisemitic harassment

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY – Crown Heights resident Jack Blachman confronts male harassing 2 Jewish children on Carroll and Albany. Perp screams “Jews are all

Insults and Nazi salutes in a pub

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin – a bar owner was arrested yesterday in Charlottenburg after insulting and making Nazi salutes. According to witnesses at the scene, the 54-year-old

Death threats against a Jewish chef

Berlin – Threats and insults have been voiced in the past against Uri Feinberg (37), a restaurant owner in Freiberg, because of his Jewish background.

Estonian head rabbi verbally assaulted

Tallinn – Several Estonian news portals have reported that Rabbi Shmuel Kot, head of the Estonian Jewish Congregation, was verbally attacked on his way to the

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