The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Islamic antisemitism in France: toward ethnic cleansing

by Guy Millière


– Graffiti on Jewish-owned
homes warn the owners to “flee immediately” if they want to live.
Anonymous letters with live bullets are dropped into mailboxes of Jews.


– Laws meant to punish antisemitic
threats are now used to punish those who denounce the threats. A new edition of
a public school history textbook for the eighth grade states that in France it
is forbidden to criticize Islam.


How to challenge Islamic Antisemitism?

antisemitism is a major foreign policy issue: Only governments can stop the
flow of hate messages by denouncing and punishing state- and non-state actors [1].


By Matthias Küntzel


Islamic antisemitism, though it is not limited to the
Islamist movements, is a key factor in the Islamists’ war against the modern


Radical imams are spewing antisemitism in the US with impunity

By Paul Sperry


Muslim clerics are threatening the lives of Jews from the
pulpits of American mosques, and they are doing it with virtual impunity, say
former US law-enforcement officials who worry that the rhetoric could lead to violent


Over the past six months, at least five prominent US imams have
been caught on tape preaching violence against Jews in sermons at mosques
across America.


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