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371 attacks on French soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues

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“371 attacks on French soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues”,
Blazing Cat Fur via Gallia Watch. February 22, 2015


Since January 15 the French army’s “Opération Sentinelle” has protected
722 Jewish schools and synagogues, some 24/7 even when the establishments were


The operation came to be regarded as too dangerous for the soldiers who
were regularly targets of attacks. Over time the men were worn out.


The army has reported 371 incidents perpetrated against the soldiers
standing guard in front of the protected sites. The Defense Ministry has
announced that the men will become more mobile, rendering them less vulnerable.


The army noted that “reconnoitering, the taking of snapshots and films”
by jihadists preparing future attacks had been going on. “Fourteen serious
attacks, with a knife, laser, even blows with heavy sticks,” were reported. One
jihadist tried to grab the rifle of a soldier on patrol at Trocadéro (Paris)
before being caught (and probably released).


In Étampes, a Muslim was spotted several times by the soldiers: when he
was identified, the police services realized he was a member of a band of three
individuals back from Yemen and free to do as they pleased.


In Savigny-sur-Orge, a car rammed into the barriers protecting a Jewish
community center.


In Nice three soldiers on guard in front of a community center were
attacked with a weapon by one Moussa Coulibaly. One of the men is disfigured
for life…