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Local food vendor under fire for tweets as police investigate antisemitic complaint

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– A well-known local hot dog salesman is in some hot water over his personal
Twitter account.


Jerry Reddick, also known as the Dawgfather, took to the social media
platform yesterday in what he argued was a freedom of speech exercise.


The Halifax food vendor posted controversial comments about the
Holocaust, Hitler, and the Twin Tower attacks, following with tweets that read,
“I know you didn’t think freedom to insult worked both ways,” and “My point
about free speech being limited was made loud and clear!”


According to the Chronicle Herald, Reddick made the comments to make a
point about the public uproar over the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.


Another comment on his Twitter account reads, “France has nothing to do
with us as a people.”


He told the Herald he is not antisemitic, but a complaint was made to
Halifax Regional Police yesterday afternoon and they’re now investigating the


Reddick, who is also a practicing Muslim, has about 1,200 followers on
his account.


He’s been selling hot dogs on the Dalhousie campus for years.


Police received the complaint yesterday at 2:50 p.m., and according to a
release, they’re still in the early stages of their investigation.