The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic flyer against the Mayor

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threating letter against the Mayor of Pontebba, Ivano Buzzi:


“Mayor, you will burn alive like all
black people that you want to bring to our home, you are doomed like the
blacks, the Jews and the gays, you should finish in the stove and burn! You do
not deserve to represent us, you who want to mix our race with inferior races.
You and the Communists are destroying our country. Shame on you. You are not
worthy to exist. We’ll wait for you under your house. Long live the Duce


The message on its clear tone was received
by the Mayor of Pontebba, Ivano Buzzi,
who was blamed for announcing that the city is willing to host thirty refugees.
The first citizen announced he would not be intimidated and that he keeps his
right to file a complaint against the unknown persons.