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Turkish Legislator pens bill naming Israel terrorist state

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Ankara – Lütfü
Türkkan, a Turkish deputy from the Nationalist Movement Party(MHP), introduced
on Monday a bill to the Parliament of Turkey which proposes recognizing Israel
as “a terrorist state.”


Turkkan told the Turkish
parliament that Israel was conceived in terror, in 1948, that Israel’s “attack”
on the “humanitarian” ship the Mavi Marmara constituted terrorism and that
Israel’s actions in this past summer’s war with Gaza were also acts of


The far rightist legislator
said that Israel deliberately targets civilians and that the reason the
Arab-Israel conflict has not yet been resolved is because of Israel’s
“terrorist actions” against Palestinian Arabs.


Türkkan gave a brief summary for why
Israel should be branded a “terrorist state”:


has intentionally targeted civilians in Gaza, killing mostly women and
children. Most recently, on 7 July 2014, Israel launched a military operation
in the Gaza Strip by air and sea, on 17 July, the operation was expanded to an
Israeli ground invasion. The number of causalities has been increasing because
of continued attacks. The State of Israel aimed killing children, senior
citizens, and women living in Gaza; when this is taken into consideration,
Israel’s crimes meet the definition ‘terrorism’.  It has become an
undeniable fact that Turkey should recognize Israel as a terrorist state.


Türkkan’s MHP, or
Nationalist Action party, is far right. It is currently the second largest
opposition party in the Parliament of Turkey.