The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic inscription appeared on the building of a Moscow center for Torah studies

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Moscow – The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG), Lyudmila
Alexeyeva, hopes that law enforcement authorities will respond to the antisemitic
inscription that appeared recently on the building of a Moscow center for Torah


“Law enforcement bodies must
find those who left this inscription and punish them not only for damage to the
property, but also for inciting ethnic hatred,” Alexeyeva told Interfax on


The black inscription was discovered by the staff of the Limud Center
for Torah Studies on their office building in Potapovsky side-street. A
spokesperson for the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) said that the inscription
read as follows: “This is a Zionists’ lair. Get out!”


Alexeyeva said it is unlikely the perpetrators will be found.
“Unfortunately, it will turn out that in this particular instance our law
enforcement bodies are unable to find anyone,” she said


The inscription itself is reason for serious inquiry, the rights
activist said.


Alexeyeva recalled that antisemitism was at its peak in the post-war
period when antisemitic sentiments were stoked by the authorities.


“As far as I understand,
now no one is stoking antisemitic sentiments. But this is quite a widespread
hereditary disease which attests to ignorance. Of course, we still have
everyday antisemitism and we must fight it as we do other forms of ethnic
intolerance,” Alexeyeva said.