The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic slur in the Greek parliament over the religious communities bill

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Athens – Antisemitic references were made by Golden Dawn MP
Michail Arvanitis, in the Greek Parliament, during the session of Sept. 30,
2014, during which the Parliament passed in principle the draft Bill on “The
organisation of the legal status of religious communities and their
associations in Greece.”


MP Arvanitis referred to the propagandistic slander that the Greek Jews
do not pay taxes, which he admitted to be false, only to rephrase and point out
that the Greek Jews through their contributions to their Jewish communities
send the Jewish money into the Jewish banks while the State spends money for
them. He also put our Board’s legal status into doubt. MP Arvanitis was debated
MP Adonis Georgiadis (parliamentary representative of the Governing party of
Nea Dimokratia), who stressed the falsity of Arvanitis’ statements.