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Daily targets Turkish Jews in headline

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Istanbul – The pro-government Milat daily targeted Turkish
nationals from the Jewish community who also hold Israeli passports in its
Thursday issue by arguing that since Israeli citizens are required to serve in
the national army, they have blood on their hands and are responsible for the
killings of civilians in Gaza during an Israeli offensive that has led to over
2,000 deaths since July of this year.

Milat, a staunch pro-government paper that uses
political Islamist rhetoric, used English in its headline, stating “Go home
killer” in reference to Turkish Jews who allegedly serve in the Israeli army.
The article stated that after Israel announced its recent military campaign,
Turkish Jews who hold dual citizenship rushed to “massacre” Palestinians. The
paper also commented that Jewish Turkish citizens involved in fighting against
innocent Palestinians come back to Turkey and “resume their lives as if nothing

Milat based its report on a social media campaign
launched by a number of journalists and activists with the hashtag
#israilaskeriistemiyoruz (We do not want Israeli soldiers). A website under the
same name urges citizens to sign a petition and send it to Parliament so as to
revoke the Turkish citizenship of anyone who fights in the Israeli army on the
grounds that they have committed premeditated murder. The petition also
requests that the Ministry of Defense abolish an existing legal exemption
regarding military service for people who carry dual citizenship and have
served in the Israeli army. According to a 1993 law, citizens with more than
one nationality are exempt from military service in Turkey if they have served
in the military of a county that Turkey recognizes.

An anonymous call on the website rejects the idea
of living in the same neighborhood as “murderers.”

Meanwhile, in his first address since being
elected president, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Thursday that
all minorities in Turkey live in peace under the Justice and Development Party
(AK Party) government. “There is no other country that displays the same degree
of sensitivity that we show as far as minorities are concerned,” Erdoğan
stressed, adding, “While all these events are happening in Gaza, we maintain
that our Jewish citizens are under protection.”

Erdoğan added that their problem is not with the
people of Israel, but its government.