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Galloway: Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto

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London – British MP George Galloway, who is known for his hatred
towards Israel and his backing of the Hamas terrorist group, recently compared
Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto, and the residents of the region to the Jews who led
the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during World War II.


The comments were made by Galloway on his weekly show on the
government-run Iranian English-language Press TV channel on April 12.


“What else is Gaza but a Warsaw Ghetto? When the people, the heroes, of
the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, who decided they’d rather die on their feet,
than live on their knees, desperate for food and water, rose up and tackled
their besiegers – those who were keeping them in that Warsaw Ghetto – they were
rightly hailed and are remembered in history as freedom fighters, as heroes.
Yet the Palestinians, when they rise up out of their Warsaw Ghetto, are called
terrorists in your country, and in my country, never mind in the country that
is doing the besieging,” charged Galloway.


The British MP also claimed that the Egyptian military, which he termed
“the junta”, have “decided to compound all of this misery by locking the gates,
destroying the tunnels, doing Israel’s work in murdering the Palestinians –
nearly two million of them – in Gaza.”


“More fool those idiots, who
in the name of secularism or leftism, supported this junta coming to power, and
pretending that somehow, a new Nasser had arrived on the scene,” he claimed.


“Nasser was ready to die to
liberate the Palestinian people. These people, in this junta, are doing
Israel’s work in murdering the Palestinian people in Gaza,” accused Galloway.