The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Pro-Russian rally in Lugansk turned into an antisemitic

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Lugansk – Every
Sunday for over a month in the Russian cities of Southern and Eastern Ukraine
held mass rallies and processions of people calling for it to Ukrainian
southeast became Russia.


was no exception. Several
thousand activists under the flags of Russia took to the streets of Donetsk,
Lugansk, Kharkov, Odessa and several other Ukrainian cities.


the pro-Russian rally Lugansk turned into antisemitic. According Luganskoe edition , man who introduced “miner of
Krasny Luch”, said: “In the state there was a nationalist revolution,
but you need to understand what the nation. Let’s
see who came to power. Timoshenko-Kapitelman,
Tyahnibok-Frotman, Yatsenyuk Jew. This
Zionist revolution, all in Kiev! “.


crowd chanted in response: “Jews!”.


Lugansk crowd to find near the building of the regional administration
representatives of diplomatic missions of the United States and France, which
these days are in Lugansk, power led them to the place of their meeting. The crowd surrounded the dense ring of
diplomats and demanded inclusion of Russian TV channels, disconnected from the
Ukrainian cable networks.