The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Driver uses loud hailer to shout racist abuse

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Manchester – Police are investigating reports that a man drove
around Manchester hurling antisemitic abuse through a megaphone.


The incident occurred outside Jewish shops and synagogues in King’s Road
in Prestwich. Dozens of people witnessed a man driving a silver Ford Fiesta car
and holding a megaphone.


One witness said the driver had shouted at Orthodox women to remove
their wigs and men to take off their black hats.


“I also heard about six other incidents that day of what seemed like the
same man driving and shouting on other roads,” he said.


Another witness reported an earlier incident in which abuse was shouted
from a silver Fiesta on a Jewish residential road in Broughton Park, Salford.


“A woman passenger in the car put her fingers on her top lip and made a
Hitler salute at me,” said a mother-of-three who did not wish to be named.


Greater Manchester Police said the man was in his 50s or 60s and had
cropped grey hair. The female passenger was in her 30s, with straight black