The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic declarations of a spectator during a TV program

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Torino – during the TV program Virus di Porro, with the host Nicola Porro, that was broadcast on Rai2 on Wednesday, December 11, the reporter interviewed in the square of Torino a man named Luciano, who said these words (In the clips it occurs after 1 hour, 25 minutes and 52 seconds):


“There was a caption which read: ‘Who maintains the Letta government in power? This is very easy. All Italians know it. First it was Prodi, then Monti and afterwards Letta. All of them were maintained by the Bildenberg group,’ (applause from the audience). Meaning – the big bankers, capital owners, international Zionists who are trying to overturn Italy… to take all the good that is in Italy. This is very simple. Everyone knows it. Therefore all the Letta people get their salaries from the Bildenberg group, period.”


The broadcast was returned to the studio and the host Porro reacted: “If we start with the Bildenberg group we will not finish even at 5 in the morning. But now Salvini must respond to the objections of the people in the square…”