The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic mails

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 The leader of the Leftist party, Gregor Gysi, has been receiving many mails with antisemitic contents, since he called for a struggle against antisemitism on the 9th of November in his Facebook page. “I know there exists in Germany deep-rooted antisemitism among some of the citizens, but they dare not take it out” said Gysi to the daily newspaper “Die Welt”.


The internet provides these people with the opportunity to express antisemitism without getting ”caught”. Lately responses under full name have also appeared. “It occurs under due to the influence of the NPD. Before people hesitated more” added Gysi.


He is not hurt by the hostility aimed at him. ”I block it from inside, because if you let these things penetrate your soul, it is destructive.” His paternal grandmother is Jewish and his maternal great-grandfather is also Jewish. “According to the Nürnberg Laws I am Jewish only in 37.5%; according to the Jewish Laws I am not Jewish at all, because I don’t have a Jewish mother.” He himself is by no means a religious person.


His grandmother always presented the world to him as made up of Jews and non-Jews. “It annoyed me. One day I said to her: ‘I would be glad if you tell me this is a good composer or a bad one, not if he is Jewish or not’” recalls Gysi, for which she answered me: ”This question determined whether I would live or not.” He was 12 year old at the time and this sentence left a strong impression on him.