The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Unknown persons once again sprayed paint on the stepping stones

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Salzburg – another case of paint spraying motivated by antisemitism in the city of Salzburg. Two stepping stones were sprayed in Rainerstrasse. The municipal committee in charge of the stepping stones in the city announced that the stepping stones commemorating the names of people murdered during the holocaust were sprayed with paint. The committee filed a complaint at the Office of Defense and Combat Against Terrorism.


In the last few weeks 31 stepping stones have been sprayed. Two weeks ago the police arrested a 20-year-old youngster who admitted to having defaced stepping stones. The youngster, who is unemployed and has no permanent address, is responsible not just for a series of antisemitic sprayings, but was already convicted by the court last year after he had published hate speech on Facebook.


The committee members wrote: “The fact that is especially tragic is that the spraying of the stepping stones occurs on the eve of the commemoration ceremonies of the pogroms that took place on the 9th of November 75 years ago, since they were put up especially for the commemoration of the holocaust victims.