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Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Budapest – the Jobbik movement sympathizers shout “dirty Jews”

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Budapest – Palestinians and Jobbik sympathizers took part in a demonstration in front of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, sang propaganda songs and flew balloons.


The Palestinian-Hungarian community demonstrated in favor of recognition of an independent Palestinian state. The demonstration ended with a speech of a Hungarian-Palestinian student who quoted a phrase of Nelson Mandela: ”Only a free man can negotiate, a prisoner can’t enter in contracts”.


The demonstration started at Bemplatz square, passed through Margit Bridge and reached the Parliament. The hundred demonstrators could be easily identified. On the one hand there were some Palestinian-Hungarian youths and Palestinians living in Hungary, wrapped in the traditional veil and in high spirits. They shouted fervently in Hungarian and in Arabic the words “Free Palestine”.


The other half of the group of demonstrators comprised Jobbik followers who did not hide the fact that they were demonstrating here against the Jews.


Already at Bemplatz anti-Semitic shouts could be heard. In a typical scene, the Palestinians shouted “now, now” (for recognition of a Palestinian state) and the Hungarians marching behind who did not understand the shouts correctly shouted “Dirty Jews”.


Jobbik did not organize the march. The Palestinians claimed that there was no formal connection and that only a small number of supporters came.  Prominent among the participants were Parliament Members Márton Gyöngyösi (vice chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Hungarian Parliament) and Gábor Staudt. In Kossuthplatz they were joined by Lóránt Hegedüs Junior, a reformist priest and anti-Semitic instigator, and his wife (herself a Jobbik party representative).


When the acting ambassador Elian Keshwani spoke in Kossuthplatz, there were hardly any Palestinians there.  At the forefront of the demonstration were the Hungarians who shouted against the Jews. Keshwani even asked one of the women to calm down.


A Palestinian student thanked the Jobbik party for its participation.


After the balloons were released the demonstration ended quietly. The Palestinian youths left the place in high spirits and others continued to shout insults against the Jews. Like in a true cosmopolitan city.




 Krisztina Morvai

Pusztaranger’s note: in the video one can see the student thanking the Jobbik party for its participation(3:50). She also states that she has not come in order to demonstrate against the Jews or Israel, but only in favor of a free Palestine (4:00), which does not improve matters. One of the organizers says that it is well-known that Jobbik supports the Palestinians (3:37).


The extreme right used the demonstration as a stage and the Palestinians did not resist is.




Jobbik is not interested just in Arabs, but protests against the “Global Jewish Conspiracy” which “threatens” Hungary. They sympathize with the Palestinians since they see a direct parallel between the patriotic Hungarians in their country, who argue that their government (”a Jewish-Bolshevik dictatorship”, once MSZP and today a majority of KDNP Fidesz) wants to turn the “Hungarians  into Palestinians in their own country” and this should be fought against. Thus politicians of the Jobbik party come to the demonstrations wrapped in the Palestinian flags.


In 2009 Krisztina Morvai was invited to give a speech during a conference of the Palestinian Return Center (PRC) in London. Her appearance was cancelled following protests on the part of all the participants (by British Members of Parliament as well as the deputy head of the Muslim committee in Britain). (See Meine Post).


The instigator, Lóránt Hegedüs Junior, founded in 2007 an organization called HAMASZ, as “an action for saving Hungary from the threats leveled against it by Israel”.  HAMASZ dealt with “the occupation of Hungary by Israel via economic means” and demanded to perform an audit of all the Israeli companies and citizens active in Hungary (and/or such companies that serve Israeli interests). In addition the organization demanded to check whether the investments in Hungary were legal. “Those locally responsible, politicians and businessmen, who contributed their share in undermining our sovereignty, should be punished” (see Mein Post). The extreme rightists have demanded also, as part of the examination, to check the investigation against former Prime Minister Gyurcsány in the “Sukoro file” in which a group of Israeli investors was involved” (see Der Standard)


Hegedüs’s wife, Enikő Kovács Hegedüs Lóránté screened a few times the movie “Sweet Jew”, in a small theater located in a cellar. The movie was a big success (see, among others, Süddeutsche). In her role as the Parliament  protocol  recorder, she is signed on “the declaration  of the National Union (NENYI) of Viktor Orbáns.