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Arab MK urges boycott of Israel at London Pro-BDS conference

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Jerusalem – Knesset member Yousef Jabareen of the Hadash-Taal Party publicly called to boycott Israel in a speech he gave over the weekend at a pro-BDS conference in London, Israel’s Kan news reported.

“The international community has all the tools to deal with war crimes—to boycott settlers, to boycott settlement products, to boycott international companies,” said Jabareen at the Palestine Expo conference.

In his speech, Jabareen also accused Israel of being an apartheid state, and urged more “mobilization” against it.

“There needs to be a more mass mobilization of our people on the ground, in Gaza but also in the West Bank,” said Jabareen. “[Israel] is exactly like the South African Bantustan. And it’s a combination of apartheid and occupation.”