The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Minister of Education Eisenmann: Do not look away when it comes to antisemitism

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Susanne Eisenmann (CDU), Kultusministerin in Baden-Württemberg

Minister of Education Susanne Eisenmann (CDU) has warned against attributing antisemitism only to certain social groups or places. “Antisemitism is everywhere. It is a problem of society as a whole, “she said on Friday at a specialist conference on antisemitism at schools in Stuttgart. Antisemitism could also be subtle, say, if the Jewish state were denied the right to exist. In antisemitism everyone in society should be intervened. “We must neither look away nor listen away,” said Eisenmann, who is also designated top candidate of the CDU for the state election in 2021.

Since April 2018, all public schools must report incidents to supervisors that are antisemitic or otherwise religious or ethnically motivated. Twenty-seven schools have since reported antisemitic incidents to the administration. Among them were swastika graffiti and antisemitic remarks, said a spokeswoman for Eisenmann. Also anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have been spread in social media.