The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

The newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” apologized for the racist and antisemitic statements of the newspaper’s reporter

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Kiev – The official newspaper of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, “The Voice of Ukraine”, apologized for the antisemitic statements of the paper’s correspondent in Chernigov district, Vasily Chaporni. The apology was published by the newspaper on its website.

“With great respect, we apologize for the inappropriate statements made by Vassily Chaporni, to all those who were harmed by them,” the statement said.

The editorial board announced that it had never identified with prejudices about people based on race, nationality or religion.

However, the newspaper noted that “it does not supervise the private lives of its employees and is not responsible for their personal statements or for one position or another regarding these or other events.”

As of this moment, the editors are considering the continuation of his employment.

It should be remembered that earlier in the day the newspaper Vasily Chaporni published on his Facebook social page racist and antisemitic statements against President Vladimir Zalansky and the People’s Party’s candidate for the parliament, Jean Blanjuk.