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Woman vandalized Windermere home, yelling antisemitic insults

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Windermere, FL – Donuts in the front yard?

That’s what an Orange County man said a woman did over the weekend at his mega-mansion.

The man said the woman made antisemitic comments while tearing up his yard.

The homeowner, Jeff Gelman, said he has never seen the woman before.

The home, near Windermere, is called the most expensive home in Central Florida, and is on the market for $28 million.

Kristen Kelly, 45, of Winter Garden, is accused of driving a Dodge SUV, doing donuts in the yard, and yelling antisemitic insults.

“Yelling out her window, ‘Jews get out of here. Jews are dirty,'” Gelman said.

Gelman showed WESH 2 News around the house. He said on Saturday afternoon, the woman’s SUV somehow got through his gates and on to his property.

“I look outside and there was a car, driving through our yard, doing donuts,” Gelman said.

Gelman said he and his wife ran outside. He said the driver started chasing them with the SUV.

Gelman also took pictures of the woman he said was driving the vehicle.

“Never. I’ve never seen this woman. It’s unbelievable,” he said.

Gelman said the woman got out of the SUV with a bottle.

“She came out with some cleaner, started spraying us, saying she was going to clean the Jews,” he said.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Kelly was captured a few blocks away, and now, she is charged with aggravated assault and burglary.