The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

“To be an antisemite means being an idiot”: a harsh statement by the former justice minister

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In her program “Antisemitism Today”, on April 25 , Elise Lucet invited former justice minister Robert Badinter to a discussion on France2. He did not spare words on the revival of “this poison for society” (anti-Semitic acts surged 74% in 2018). “It always annoyed me,” says the lawyer, a friend of Simon Weil. “To be an antisemite means being an idiot because it is a lot of nonsense, lies and crimes, and if you stick to racism, lies and crime, then you are at best a fool and at worst a criminal.”

“They thought that the animal was already satiated by the blood of the six million murdered by Hitler in Europe – women, men, children, elderly people  – but it is not like that: it has reappeared,” he said anxiously.