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Jews, Muslims, foreigners: the Neo-Nazi right raises its head in the United States

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By Oren Nahari

The percentage of Jews in the world’s population today is about 0.2%. The percentage of Jews in the United States is about ten times bigger – and still, it is only 2.5%, even if they have greater prominence than their actual number.

Nevertheless, John Ernest believed in his whole heart and soulful thoughts of hatred that the “Jewish race” continues to plan and carry out its great plan to destroy the European race – a clean language for the Aryan race and other Europeans.

During the week that Israel will mark the Holocaust Day we received a reminder – in California, near the sleepy and prosperous San Diego: Hitler’s last will exists and was not wiped out with the defeat of the Nazis. Some say that Hitler was like Stalin, an atheist, but Ernest is a Christian, a descendant of those who, in the name of the Christian God, burned Jews, destroyed their houses of worship from the Rhine to York, from Spain to the Russian Empire.

Ernest embarked on a murderous journey in the name of the God he believed in – and it did not matter at all whether he understood God’s word or not. In this sense, he is no different from the suicide bombers who blew up churches in the name of Allah last week in Sri Lanka. About a month and a half ago, the massacre in mosques in New Zealand by Brenton Trent, was also inspired by Nazi ideology, and theories about the supremacy of the white race. And Trent is not the last one.

As I wrote then, at this moment there are many who read Trent’s Manifesto and tell themselves he is right. John Ernst was one of them. He admires Trent and Robert Bowers, the killer from the Pittsburgh Synagogue. These are his sources of inspiration, two murderers who carried out a mass slaughter and succeeded. One went out to murder Muslims, the other Jews.

In Ernest’s thoughts, which he brought to the social networks, he explains that the Jews rule the world. They were the greatest slave merchants, if not the only ones, and they used Hispanics and blacks to destroy the West, especially the United States.

And here we return to what these people believe in with all their hearts. Like the Nazis, they believe in the maliciousness of the Jews, who act to take over the world. Like the Nazis, they believe in white supremacy. The Nazis believed in Aryan superiority only, with some appendices – Scandinavian and British mostly, but saw in the Slavs, for example, an inferior race, subhuman. The Nazis of our time speak of the entire white race. Not that it matters, or comfort.

They refer to immigration, a subject that in pre-World War II Europe was hardly at the center of the discourse, except for isolated cases of Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe to France and England after pogroms. Not that it matters, there is no connection between the number of Jews and their hatred, between their actual influence and conspiracy theories about Jewish domination of the world. Hitler continued to pour out his spasms of hatred for the Jews who ruled the world after he had finished annihilating a third of the Jewish people, almost without resistance.

Ernest, like Trent before him, and others believe in the idea that started in Europe years ago, and has now gained a foothold among the murderous far right in the United States – the idea of substitution. Trent’s manifesto was the big substitution, and Ernest referred to the same ideas.

The first time they were openly exposed in the United States was when the far-right demonstrators, the white supremacists, marched in Charlottesville, Iowa, in 2017, and shouted “the Jews will not replace us”. Later President Trump said “there were good people and bad people on both sides”.

The extreme rightists, the white supremacists, believe they are on their way to lose everything. Low birthrate, assimilation, mass immigration of Muslims, blacks – the Jews are on their way to destroy the white race. And we have to act or as organizations or as individuals.

The term “great replacement” is attributed to the racist and anti-Semitic French writer Reno Camus, who wrote a book by that name. In the past his ideas were associated only with the extreme right, but they reached the center. Ernest explained that he must do something, warn the world population – the Jews were destroying the Europeans and taking their place.

Ernest despises Trump. He sees him as a servant of Zionism, just like David Duke, for example, the neo-Nazi racist who was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. This is not very far from the anti-Semitic caricature published by the New York Times last weekend, a cartoon in which Netanyahu is seen as a guide dog leading blind, skull-wearing Trump. The message he delivered – Jews dominate the world, or at least the United States.

There are other murderous and violent extremists who admire Trump, who are the distant, lunatic fringes of the conservative haters of immigrants. But Ernest and Bowers consider him as a collaborator.

According to the latest figures, violence against Jews in the United States comes mainly from the extreme right, the racist, who believes in white supremacy. Only about a third came from the extreme left, Arabs and Muslims. In Europe, for example, in the protest of the “yellow vests” in France, we see how the extreme right aligns with the extreme left and the Muslims against the common enemy – the Jews.

Even after four, five or six generations in the United States, Jews are considered immigrants and different, as well as Muslims and Arabs, in the eyes of the believers that America is a Christian country, and Christian only. And the others have to leave or be murdered.

Meanwhile, the federal unit dealing with the fight against hate crimes was dismantled this year. After all, the hate crimes in the United States come from the white, conservative and are overwhelmingly directed against those who vote for blacks, Jews and Muslims. Even if the unit was to be rebuilt, and Ernest would be imprisoned or executed, he was not the last one. Not in the United States, not in the world.

The legitimate fear of uncontrolled immigration, combines with racist and murderous ideologies, hatred, frustration and unlimited access to weapons. These will continue to kill innocent victims, victims of hatred, the most ancient hatred in the world, hatred of Jews.