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Police investigate vandalism at Lima synagogue

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Lima, Ohio – At least two-dozen holes were found in the windows of an Ohio synagogue, damage attributed to either a pellet or BB gun, according to law enforcement, though they said the alleged act was likely not a hate crime.

 “Friday night, we prayed in a sanctuary with three bullet holes in its windows,” said the temple’s part-time rabbi, Howie Stein, in a now-deleted Facebook post. “Services followed a potluck supper, in a social hall with a minyan of holes in its windows, brought out from a kitchen with twice as many holes in its window.”

“Shabbat morning, we found three more holes in the upstairs classrooms, no longer used because of the shrinking and aging nature of the congregation,” he continued. “Thankfully, nobody was in the building at the time, and the damage, while emotionally and physically extensive, was not more significant.”