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Anger as Good Morning Britain posts survey on boycotting Eurovision in Israel

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London – Good Morning Britain has deleted a Twitter poll that asked its followers whether they thought Britain should boycott this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is being held in Israel, after it sparked anger.

In a Twitter poll, GMB asked: “There are calls for Britain to boycott this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, over Israel’s human rights record. Do you agree? #100DaysToEurovision”.

The poll was published on Thursday and deleted on Friday.

Talent agent Jonathan Shalit told the JC he rang GMB editor Neil Thompson who “immediately responded very positively, totally understanding the negative and bias inferences of such a question”.

“He explained GMB remain huge supporters of Eurovision which they will be covering as usual from Tel Aviv and sending a reporter to do so,” Mr Shalit said.

“I am delighted and pleased with the responsible response from Good Morning Britain.”

Responding to the poll before it was deleted, David Collier, a researcher who documents Jew-hate, wrote: “Disgraceful. Currently, in antisemitic groups across the web, a ‘call to action’ has gone out on this. Twitter handles, faceless, anonymous, get to legitimise their hate by voting ‘yes’ … How stupid can you be?”

After it was deleted, he wrote: “Will media outlets please get the message. BDS isn’t about Palestinian rights nor settlements. It is a call to destroy Israel.”