The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitic graffiti found in Gauteng

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Gauteng – Last Friday night, as congregants were walking to the Sydenham-Highlands North Hebrew Congregation, they came across offensive graffiti. The word, “Revolution”, and below it, “Hitler was here” were crudely displayed on an electrical box close to the shul on the corner of Main and Viljoen Street, Rouxville.

Meanwhile, in Pretoria, at the intersection of Steger and Schroder Streets in Groenkloof, a short walk from the synagogue, someone spray painted a black swastika and the word, “Hitler” written inside a heart on the asphalt in the middle of the road. This apparently was not yet there when congregants walked to and from shul on Shabbat.

On Sunday morning, a resident of an old-aged home in Groenkloof noticed a large and vulgar spray painted body part (that of a penis) painted on two sides of the road on Leydes Street. She quickly alerted the city councillor in her area, Shaun Wilkinson. On inspection of the area, Wilkinson came across more graffiti near the Pretoria synagogue.

It is believed the same person or small group of people were responsible, as it appeared as if it was the same “handiwork”, Wilkinson said.