The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

WJC report exposes antisemitic face of neo-Nazi Lukov March supporters

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The World Jewish Congress released a detailed report exposing the undeniably antisemitic language used on social media by the ultra-nationalist promoters and participants of the Lukov March in Bulgaria, a torch-lit demonstration that draws neo-Nazis from across Europe to the capital Sofia each February in honor of General Hristo Lukov, a Nazi collaborator whose movement sent 11,300 Jews to their deaths in the Nazi death camp of Treblinka. The organizers of the march claim not to be antisemitic, but the comments left on its official Facebook page indicate a clear proliferation of Jew-hatred among its supporters against the Bulgarian Jewish community and the Jewish world at large.

One such Facebook post by the organizers, reacting to the WJC efforts in 2018 to stop the march, targeted CEO Executive Vice President Robert Singer, using age-old antisemitic tropes: “No mister, with a name of a brand of sewing machines, the problem of Bulgaria is not Lukovmarch. The problem is that there are people with too long noses like you, who are burning with desire, snooping where they do not belong. But be sure that whatever you do, General. Lukov will receive a worthy honor from the Bulgarian youth!” read the post.

More than 50 publicly accessible comments were written on the post by the followers of the page, many objectively antisemitic in nature and tone, including: “Jews are the ones who sow hate in the world! Crafty and cheeky!” and “These Jews want to be everywhere, they are so busybody. And then they wonder why everyone hates them.”

Other posts and comments in recent years paint a similar picture.