The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

“Jews burn best”: Antisemitic song heard on soccer fields

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Unfortunately, the last round of the Eredivisie was stained because of several antisemitic slogans.

Roterdam – before the Feyenoord-Ajax game, a group of hooligans from Feyenoord shouted anti-Semitic slogans at the Cuyp stadium. The policemen present stopped the supporters immediately. That afternoon, the police unit of Rotterdam reported that all the members of the group had received a fine of 500 euros.

It started even before the game. A group of hooligans of AZ and S.C. Cambuur (rival of Sc Heerenveen) walked through the streets of Leeuwaarden and shouted shocking antisemitic slogans.

The end of the infamous poem sounds: “My father was in the commando, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews, because Jews burn best.” One of the supporters presented anti-Semitic pictures on social media but have been removed meanwhile. Their followers encouraged them on the Internet and expressed no dissatisfaction. For CIDI this is a sign that anti-Semitism in football is still acceptable.

According to reports, supporters of AZ and Cambuur watched the game between Feyenoord and Ajax. The home team won the game in Rotterdam, 6-2. Ajax’s loss apparently prompted the hooligans in Leeuwaarden to sing this controversial song.

According to an AZ employee who is the contact man between AZ supporters and their club, the hooligans are a group of young people who do not belong to the supporters of the soccer team and who came to Friesland on the bus together with the supporters of Cambuur.

However, in an interview with CIDI, he rejected the behavior of those fans who were aware of what had happened: “It’s totally irrational” and “too sad for words.”