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An incident in Langen, which may be antisemitic

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Langen – at the Langen railway station, one man, who tried to intervene in an antisemitic attack, was beaten and badly wounded. However, there is no trace of the presumed victim of the attack.

The incident took place last Wednesday at the Langen railway station (Uppenbach): it is estimated that a young man initially shouted antisemitic insults at an older man, then pushed and threw him to the ground. The victim then boarded the train, unharmed, and left.

The police and the State Attorney’s Office reported on Tuesday that a 48-year-old man from Langen who wanted to intervene, was then beaten himself and knocked down by the assailant. The man who was attacked was severely wounded in the face and hands. The police weren’t able to arrest the alleged assailant, a 27-year-old German.

The newspaper “Offenbach-Post” initially reported the case and its possible antisemitic background. The 48-year-old man called to report to the newspaper and he described the incident from his point of view. As the newspaper reports the man is an 80-year-old Jew, “who according to first reports may be a rabbi”.

The German who is suspected of committing the act, has roots in Cameroon, and is for now arrested for interrogation by the State Attorney’s Office. According to the argument, the danger exists that he will repeat his actions, since he is known for having committed violent crimes, nut not acts motivated by extreme antisemitic or right-wing ideology. According to the police, as of the date of the offense, he had 2.9 ml of alcohol in his blood.