The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Foul-mouthed driver interrupts Holocaust Remembrance Day walk in Salinas

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Salinas, CA – A peaceful Holocaust Remembrance Day Walk was interrupted by a hateful driver hurling insults against Jews on Sunday.

Salinas church Temple Philadelphia holds a special service and walk every year to educate its parishioners and remember the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust.

Following the service about 100 churchgoers gathered in the parking lot for the walk from E. Gabilan Street to Alisal. Men women and children were waving the Israeli flag and holding a sign that read ‘Never Forget Remembering the Holocaust’ but before they even started walking a man in a black BMW SUV drove by yelling obscenities.

The driver hurled insults against Israel and the Jewish people as he drove past. The same driver then circled back around on E. Gabilan Street in downtown to harass the walkers again.

The group remained peaceful and calm in the face of hatred.