The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary: Jobbik’s voters still support antisemitic views

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According to the President of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), only words have changed in the policy of Jobbik. Their voters still support antisemitic and racist views.

Heisler András stated: “I’m not a political scientist, but that’s why I’m watching the news. We also feel that the voters behind Jobbik have not changed and they still hold many racist and antisemitic views”.

A TV channel revealed a photograph, showing that Jobbik’s chairman’s wife has raised her hand in a Sieg Heil salute on the occasion of their wedding. According to photographs taken three years ago, the daughter-in-law of Sneider Tamás, a lawyer working for Jobbik, twice raised her hand in a Sieg heil salute. After the first salute she told the audience that the salute did not hurt her feelings, and when she sat next to her husband, she repeated it. According to the recordings, racist and homophobic jokes were also pronounced at the wedding, which the young couple enjoyed very much. Leading figures in the party were also present at the event.

The chairman of the Jobbik party despises the credibility of the photographs published from the wedding. Tóth Péter told the news channel that it was not unequivocal that it indeed was a Nazi salute. “I do not know whether this was a Nazi salute, or that the movement pointed out that they had to “climb the mountain” and move forward. It is possible that the picture has been photoshopped or not – I don’t know. But I think that this was not a Nazi salute. I also don’t think that the guests at the wedding were telling senseless jokes. It is clear that several statements and pictures were not very nice. I think everyone was able to cut and edit such a -picture at any time, which would reflect the mood of 37-38 years old couple”.

Meanwhile, Fidesz (the “Hungarian Civil Alliance”) reacted to that same video, in which, according to some, the Jobbik’s chairman’s wife, was photographed while making a Nazi salute. According to the ruling party, the mask is repeatedly removed from Jobikk’s face, and it turns out that this is a party winking to Nazism.

Balázs Hidvéghi, responsible for the media, mentioned that István Szávay had been forced to resign from his post and seat in parliament since he had declared that he was Jewish and that Gergely Kulcsár, who had desecrated the memorial site on the Danube River is still a member of Jobbik.

“All the politicians acting like this are members of Jobbik. For me the real question is – how does the left clean its conscience and lives in peace with this situation? The socialist party of Hungary, the democratic coalition, the party named “politics can be different” (LMP) and the Momentum party, cooperate with Jobikk openly. Or maybe for them everything that can be seen on video, or what happened before, is acceptable? How are they facing their voters? What are they telling their members?”. This question was raised by the Director of Communications of Fidesz.