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Left Party group slammed over ‘antisemitic’ Venezuela cartoon

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Hessen – A far-left faction within Germany’s socialist Left Party has retracted a cartoon insinuating that Israel was instigating a violent coup in Venezuela after party members accused it of antisemitism.

The Cuba Si Hessen group posted the image on Facebook on Wednesday. It shows a grim reaper cloaked in a United States flag and holding a bloody scythe painted to resemble the flag of Israel.

The figure knocks at a door titled “Venezuela.” Blood spills out of other opened doors marked “Iraq,” “Libya,” “Syria” and “Ukraine.”

The group captioned the image with: “We stand on the side of the legitimate Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, and oppose any form of intervention. Yankee go home!”

‘We didn’t notice the Star of David’

Hours later, Cuba Si Hessen apologized in a follow-up Facebook post.

“We didn’t notice the Star of David,” the group said. “We had intended to criticize the roll of the United States in the undemocratic coup currently being instigated by the right-wing opposition in Venezuela.” Israel, it added, “had nothing to do with the coup.”