The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack apologises after tweeting ‘antisemitic’ picture

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Newport, South Wales – The Deputy Leader of the Green Party has apologised after tweeting a picture that appeared to blame Jews for bloodshed in countries including Libya, Ukraine and Iraq, saying she “abhors antisemitism in all its forms”.

Amelia Womack, who has served as the party’s deputy leader in England and Wales since 2014, tweeted a cartoon last night of the grim reaper shrouded in an American flag and carrying a scythe dripping with blood.

The figure, depicted as having entered and exited doors marked “Iraq”, “Libya”, “Syria” and “Ukraine” leaving pools of blood in its wake, could be seen knocking on a door marked “Venezuela”.

A closer examination of the scythe reveals a Star of David on it, with the blade possibly intended to represent an Israeli flag. Ms Womack tweeted the picture along with the caption: “When a picture paints a thousand words.”

After anger from Twitter users, including members of the Green Party, Ms Womack deleted her tweet, initially making no further reference to it other than writing: “That’ll teach me for sharing things just as my battery dies on a train.”

However, on Friday morning the Green politician addressed the incident in detail, tweeting: “Yesterday I tweeted a picture which, in my ignorance, I thought was satirising US Imperialism. It wasn’t, it was in fact antisemitic and I apologise wholeheartedly for tweeting it.