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Shirt reading ‘At Least I’m Not Jewish’ pulled from popular online retailer’s website

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Redwood City, CA – An online retail shop has taken down a shirt after a Twitter backlash which called out the antisemitic phrasing.

Online retailer “Zazzle” has been forced to remove a shirt with the slogan ‘at least I’m not Jewish’ written across the front from its store.

Zazzle is a company which allows users to design merchandise and sell customized items in its virtual store.

A spokesman for the site said they were not aware of the shirt until users pointed it out, have since removed it and banned user ‘The Slesk Bazaare’, who created it.

A statement by Zazzle said “We do not tolerate or accept hate on our site. As an open marketplace, we are faced with the opportunity to allow people to express their creativity and sentiments, coupled with the challenge of expression that upsets and offends. When a product is brought to our attention that violates our terms of service, such as the shirt referenced, we take swift action to have the product removed. Designers, including this designer, who promote or express hate on our site are removed from the marketplace and banned from subsequent participation.”