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Seattle private school teacher fired for antisemitism

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Seattle, WA – A private school in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood was allegedly targeted by antisemitic propaganda.

University Prep is an independent, co-educational middle and high school located next door to the reform synagogue Temple Beth Am. According to a listener tip, the school was recently the subject of anti-Jewish graffiti.

The tipster informed us that an all-school assembly was held last Wednesday in the Puma-Dome, the gymnasium named for the mascot of the school, to inform students that the culprit of this act had been discovered by a private investigator thanks to video surveillance.

The video captured footage of an English teacher dropping letters with antisemitic messages into staff mailboxes, including their own.

 “Prior to this the other event there was some graffiti, I know that there was a swastika involved,” said our listener, whose child is a student at the school. “And there was also an n-word being used, but my guess is that was a separate incident. This was just graffiti on a desk or windowsill.”

When asked for comment, the communications director at University Prep was only able to confirm that a teacher had recently been released, but would not comment further on this “personal matter.”

The parent went on to say that the school handled the situation very well.

 “They held assemblies. They let the kids know without any kind of uncertainly that this kind of stuff is not acceptable here in this community.”