The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

France’s biggest antisemitic website may soon be forced offline

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French internet providers have until Thursday to block an openly racist and antisemitic website, or face a fine of 10,000 euros ($11,400) for every day they allow users to access it.

The ultimatum comes from Paris’ outgoing public prosecutor, François Molins, who summoned all of the country’s internet service providers to the French capital last month and told them to block the Démocratie Participative website.

Rife with 1930s-style caricatures depicting Jews as crooks and international conspirators, the far-right site is run by 37-year-old Frenchman Boris Le Lay.

The site claims to be “the most widely read website by unabashed white youth,” and publishes articles daily with blatantly antisemitic names such as “The Criminal and Murderous Fanaticism of the Jewish Race Exposed to the World” and “While Advocating for the Invasion of Europe, World Jewry Claims Israel as a Racist Jewish State.” Any pictures of Jewish men or women also feature a yellow star and the word “Jude.”

A source close to Molins’ office told Haaretz, “We have a list of antisemitic and hateful websites that we monitor and have sued already. But this one is by far the most extreme we have ever encountered.”

A spokesman from Orange, France’s largest internet service provider, told Haaretz that the company “would comply with [the prosecutor’s] decision, and will implement it on time.”