The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Jewish Labour MP arrives at her own party’s conference with police guard after receiving threats

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Liverpool – Luciana Berger has received online abuse and has joined a group of other Labour MPs calling on Jeremy Corbyn to ‘drain the swamp’ of racists.

Ms Berger, parliamentary chairwoman of the Jewish Labour Movement, told a rally at the conference: ‘If you troll Jewish people on Twitter and Facebook, if you share anti-Jewish images – and it’s not just on social media – if you also repeat lies and smears against Jewish people, if you talk about ‘weaponising’ antisemitism, if you support Holocaust denial, you are not Labour. You are not welcome.’

The Labour MP hit out at ‘last-minute and utterly shameful’ attempts to alter the international definition of antisemitism before the party’s ruling body eventually accepted it. She added ‘what matters now is draining the swamp’ and dealing with allegations of antisemitism.