The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Jewish woman asked police to intervene after she was called ‘a piece of shit’ at tense ‘antisemitic’ meeting hosted by Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament where speaker said ‘Israel go to hell’

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London – This is the moment police intervened at a Parliamentary meeting hosted by Jeremy Corbyn where Israel was described as ‘evil’ and a Jewish woman said she was called a ‘piece of shit’.

The unrest began when a British Jewish member of the audience complained that she had not been allowed to challenge the speakers’ anti-Israel views. ‘You’re trying to shut everybody else up, in the house of commons that we fought for,’ she said.

Corbyn refused to accept her questions and tried to close the meeting. Then it descended into chaos. On the video, one woman cries: ‘The Holocaust issue, Jeremy. Why? Why do you do this? Why?’ She then adds ironically, ‘I like Jeremy Corbyn.’

A Jewish lady is then seen complaining to a police officer that she had been called ‘filthy names’ and ‘a piece of shit’ as anger spilled over.

On the panel were three politicians who were suspended from their parties on charges of antisemitism, including the former Labour peer Lord Ahmed, who blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his driving conviction.

The two other disgraced politicians were Jenny Tonge and David Ward, both of whom were expelled from the Liberal Democrats for allegedly antisemitic remarks.