The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

JDL Canada leader threatened after opposing white nationalist rally

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Toronto – The head of the Jewish Defence League in Canada is conferring with police, after he received explicit threats for expressing opposition to a rally that was being planned by anti-Islamic and white nationalist groups in Toronto.

Facebook messages directed at Meir Weinstein from the far-right Canadian Nationalist Front threatened physical violence because Weinstein had opposed an Aug. 11 rally in Toronto’s Nathan Philipps Square.

Over the weekend, the Canadian Nationalist Front posted the following on its Facebook page: “Will carve a swastika in Weinstein’s face. I will crush your throat with my jackboot your [sic] a slimy dirty Jew,” and “Weinstein your [sic] getting punched out you dirty kike and anti Canada peice [sic] of s–t.”

The Toronto rally had been planned by the Calgary-based Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and was expected to include representatives of other nationalist and far-right groups, such as Soldiers of Odin, Proud Boys and the Northern Guard.