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Patrick Little’s “Name the Jew” tour spreads antisemitic hate nationwide

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Erstwhile politician Patrick Little has embarked on a nationwide “Name the Jew” tour, visiting at least 10 U.S. cities where he spewed antisemitic propaganda at passers-by and videotaped his encounters. Little has been an outspoken antisemite for at least a year, but his latest speeches and online comments indicate he’s operating at a new level of bigotry and paranoia. He has fully embraced the neo-Nazi label, taking to social media to extol “Saint Adolf’s” efforts to eliminate the Jewish population.

Antisemitism fueled Little’s campaign for Dianne Feinstein’s U.S. Senate seat, and when that bid ended in a crushing defeat, he cried foul, blaming “Jewish supremacists and Zionists” and “broken machines” for his loss.  In a post-election online commentary, he claimed “hundreds of thousands of voters show up to polls to find out ‘an error’ had removed from rolls…we won big tonight, the ZOG just doesn’t know it yet.” ZOG is an acronym for “Zionist Occupied Government,” which reflects the white supremacist belief that the U.S. government is controlled by Jews.

Little’s tour included stops in Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Missoula, Helena, Alberton, Fargo, Minneapolis, Skokie and Providence. He attempted (unsuccessfully) to enter Canada, and now says he plans to visit New York City, or as he calls it, “the vipers’ nest.”

Throughout his tour, Little demonstrated an obsessive focus on Jews and antisemitic conspiracy theories. He carried a sign reading, “Jews Rape Kids,” and attempted to provoke reactions from the public. Generally, people ignored him, although someone did throw a soda can in his direction, while another yelled, “fuck you.”

Little, with his sign, gets support from Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who shot and killed nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015. (Cartoon by one of Little’s supporters)
Little, with his sign, gets support from Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who shot and killed nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015. (Cartoon by one of Little’s supporters)

His tour brought him to a range of venues, from the state fair in Minot, North Dakota, Brown University in Providence and the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie. As he walked through the bookstore of the Skokie museum, Little played Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies, presumably to emphasize his Holocaust denial. He livestreamed most of his so-called “J Walks,” and encouraged viewers to fund his efforts.

Here are the stops on his tour, and some of the antisemitic vitriol he shared along the way.

Unless otherwise noted, all comments are printed verbatim, including spelling and punctuation errors.

July 22, Washington State: “Touring the Pac NW my heart is warmed & my soul is lifted, seeing all the young white mothers with their happy children, & smiling white husbands. God damn the jews for trying to destroy the family-friendly culture of the United States, God damn the jews to the fiery pits of hell, where they belong. Shame on us for having allowed jews to nest in our institutions.” (Gab)

July 25, Alberton, Montana: “Still all white towns, beautiful all white families here. White genocide is starting to creep out from Missoula.  The Jews are trying to ethnically cleanse this state…” (YouTube)

Jul 25, Montana: “I dreamed of the coming expulsion of the jews from the US last night. It was glorious, church bells rang in every town as the hostile foreign element was assembled for transport to the airports and seaports. You will live to experience liberation if you work towards it.” (Gab)

July 26, North Dakota State Fair: “The Jews killed every single Orthodox Christian priest in Russia in the ‘20s and 30’s….” (Gab)

July 28, Wisconsin/Minnesota: “I hope to force @POTUS to name the jew” (Gab)

July 28, Minneapolis, Minnesota: “God knows these nation-wrecking Jews are doing everything they can to destroy the nice neighborhoods I’ve seen around here.” (YouTube)

July 29, Skokie, Illinois: “With Jews, you lose, non-stop, until you die from all the losing.” (Gab)

July 29, Skokie, Illinois: “It’s important to remember that almost every country that has expelled the Jews has cited child-raping, and child sacrifice, and child abuse as the reasons for expulsion of the Jews.” (YouTube)

July 29, Skokie, Illinois: “It was cited every time that the Jews were expelled from these 500 countries, it was because they raped children. Jews killed 30 million people prior to WWII. That’s a lot more than 6 million.” (YouTube)

July 31, Providence, Rhode Island: “Never forget Jews are first and foremost terrorists…they’re also over-represented with pedophilia and slave trading and drug peddling… you’re dealing with terrible, terrible people when you’re dealing with Jews…the whole time behind the beady little rat eyes they are planning on killing your whole family. Remember the true nature of Jews.” (YouTube)