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Norwegian newspaper apologizes for calling Trump’s son-in-law ‘the Jew’

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Oslo – On January 12th, Aftenposten wrote in an
article about Kushner that “the Jew Kushner reportedly pushed for David M.
Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel”. 


The Norwegian Jewish
society Det Mosaiske Trossamfund (DMT) took offence to the wording and asked
the newspaper to issue an apology. 


“It is anti-Semitic
when Aftenposten journalists believe that Kushner’s Jewish identity explains
why he allegedly pushed to get Friedman as ambassador. This is a coarse
generalization based on the myth that Jews have a different loyalty. The
accusation that Jews have a different loyalty is an accusation that is hundreds
of years old,” DMT head Ervin Kohn told Norwegian
news source Minerva


Aftenposten news
editor, Tove Tveøy Strøm–Gundersen told the same source that the newspaper has
sent an apology to the Jewish community. 


“This is a term that
has also been used in an antisemitic context. It was not our intention to
create that kind of negative association. We’ve discussed this internally and
concluded that it is right to apologize for the choice of wording,” she


Strøm–Gundersen added
however that Aftenposten did not conclude that Kushner’s lobbying on behalf of
Friedman was because he is Jewish but rather that his religion “is not
uninteresting information for our readers”. 


“When [conservative
American politician] Rick Santorum fights for stricter abortion laws, we inform
readers that he is a Catholic. When Donald Trump chooses to use his son-in-law
as a player in the Middle East – and when one of the issues Kushner is reported
as having been directly involved in was the appointment of a new Israeli
ambassador – then it is natural to mention that he is an Orthodox Jew,”
 she said.