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Czech MP Stanislav Huml shares Holocaust denial video online

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– Stanislav Huml, an MP for the Czech Social Democratic Party, has published a
video denying the Holocaust to his Facebook profile. The video, which Huml called
“brutal and [politically] incorrect” but “inspiring”, is a
sort of criticism of the “ethnomasochism” of Western civilization,
defined as a feeling of guilt for the historical injustices of colonialism,
slavery, etc., including what the video terms the “alleged”


producers of the video say they refuse to accept the blame for this history.
They call on Europe to “stop apologizing” for its previous actions.


more, the video says the Jews are “to blame” for the Holocaust, not
that they were its victims. Huml said that it is not essential to him that the
Iron Dawn YouTube channel, from which he shared the video, has also posted
video footage of NSDAP conventions, footage of the occupation of Ukraine by the
Nazis, or videos promoting the “healthy lifestyle” of the Nazi Third


don’t concern myself with those details,” Huml said in response to an
query from a reporter with Euro. “The video has an actual basis in history
extending back to the 15th century.”


MP then added this note to his Facebook post: 
“P.S. for journalists – I actually do not approve of the Holocaust
and I do not see it being approved of in the context of this video
either.” The video, published online on 9 August, was ultimately removed
from the MP’s public profile.