The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Margaret Hodge refers antisemitic emails to police

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– Labour MP Margaret Hodge said this morning that she has contacted the police
regarding two “really offensive” e-mails that she had received.


to the Today programme on Radio 4, Mrs Hodge said “I yesterday, for the first
time in my 50 years of political life, had to refer two really offensive
e-mails I received – antisemitic e-mails – to the police.


is not the new politics, it’s actually the old politics. It’s the politics I
fought in the 1980s when people like John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone were again
in leadership roles.”


on the show was James Schneider, National Organiser for the pro-Corbyn Momentum
movement. Responding to Mrs Hodge’s comments, Mr Schneider said “the idea that
Jeremy Corbyn, or Momentum or those around him are responsible… is about as
logical as saying that Margaret Hodge, say, is responsible for the death
threats that Jeremy Corbyn has received.”